Screenshot in replay problem

when I am trying to capture a sunset picture with the plan enlarged kind of like a moonshot but with the sun I have it set up right in the picture but after I take the screenshot and go to photos the sun is not there, Is there something that I am doing wrong

Here is what I mean:


If you click the picture on the bottom I took a screen shot (home button + sleep). I am kinda getting frustrated over this. any help will be appreciated.

The sun moves and when you take the screenshot the sun is in the same position it was when you first moved the sun, so all you need to do it move the time to the time you want before taking the picture then move it again back to where it was and then take the picture immediately after doing so.


I know the sun moves and I was already compensating for that. I take the screenshot when the sun is there and everything I would atleast have to me a minute until the sun is gone from the picture. and when I go to photos the sun is not there. I tried to screen record but then it did what I wanted it to do.

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I understand that but you have to move the sun back before taking it, so move the aircraft into position with the sun then move the time back so it’s inline with the aircraft.

I do not think you understand that the sun is already right behind the aircraft

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I understand I have the same problem with the Moon. The sun might be behind the aircraft but is has moved while you were positioning the camera.

ok will keep in mind someone can close