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Hi Guys,

Using the community forum on laptop is a great experience. So I thought to publish a tutorial how to edit screenshots on laptop so that everyone can use the community forum to upload screenshots on laptop only. These would be basic editing only. Enjoy the tutorial :)

Transferring of the Image

Always transfer screenshots in your PC/Mac using Bluetooth or mail. This will ensure high quality picture transfer. Transferring using 3rd party apps, hampers the image and makes it blurry. Blurriness of the picture can not be corrected and would make the whole image destroyed

Editing Software

So, I use Photoshop express to edit my screenshots. It is a free photo editing software across all platforms and very user friendly. From a beginner to pro, anyone can use it easily.

Simple and Basic Editing

This is my base picture -

The first step is to edit the contrast. Contrast enhances all the colors of the image. I prefer it to be around 60. It can be changed according to time and location.

The next step is to increase the clarity of image. It clears all the unwanted curves and cuts in the image. This is a very important step. Clarity should be around 25. If we increase the clarity too much, it can destroy the image also.

Now we have to dehaze the image. As the name suggest itself, it removes the haze from image. Dehazing should be just around 15. Over dehazing will make the picture very dark and artificial in some cases.

Now we have to sharpen the image. Sharpening make the edges of the subject of image smooth. Sharpening should be anywhere around 50. Over sharpening can make the too soft and smooth which would be very ugly.

Now we are ready with our edited image. You can easily see the difference in the picture below from our base picture.

Additional Details

  • In some cases exposure will also be required. Exposure increases the brightness of the image. Please note, increasing exposure too much will make the picture too whote and dirty.

  • If some additional editing is required in the image, the best way to do it is increase the edit gradually. At one point you will notice the picture to perfect and there you can stop increasing the edit.

  • In case of sunrise and sunset, try to increase the warmth of image. This would make the picture look more realistic.

Hope this tutorial was beneficial for you all. Hope to see more screenshots soon !!

Cheers !!


Looks a bit awkward, a person who edits airports in infinite flight is reading a post to edit pics lol

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