Screenshot Glitch fix coming?

Hey, community!

If there is an open topic for this, or a solution already in the works then reply with it below, I looked and saw they were all closed months ago. Is the screenshot glitch ever going to get fixed? It’s almost been a year since it was discovered.

It’s only a problem when the time is set to anything but noon or midnight.

I’m assuming everyone else has the same issue still?

Device: iPad6
Operating system: iPadOS 16


I don’t think anything has been announced so far. Staff are aware of the issue so rest assured a fix would come someday. This topic also goes into detail of why the bug happens:

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yea I figured they knew. Just want to know if any progress was made yet :)

It’s an annoying bug that’s for sure!

I’ve found lowering the screenshot resolution from 4x to 2x doesn’t have the box, which is a temporary fix until a patch comes out

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oh, interesting. will have to try

Or, what I do is just take an actual screen shot with my iPad and than crop out the bar at the bottom myself

Yea I could still do that. You just loose all the resolution that’s all haha

The topic I linked above has a solution, that does not take away from the resolution, I’ve quoted it below:

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