Screenshot from My Flight Last Night (KCPR to KIAH)

This was two quick shots climbing up to cruising altitude on my flight last night.

It was on the expert server, departed at 9:45pm EST and the route was KCPR to KIAH.

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Quite cool. Go in replay mode and take screenshots there since you can get cooler shots and nothing obstructing the screen.

You must follow the screenshot guidelines if you want to to a #screenshots-and-videos

Refer to here,

Ahh okay awesome! Thank you. I was wondering how to get all the clutter off the screen. Nice to know, and will definitely provide better pictures.

Pretty sure I did.

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You can’t have hud views in your pictures.

My HUD isn’t activated in either photo.

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You can’t have any controls showing, such as the throttle and systems.

Well it won’t let me delete it so 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’ll have to stay until taken down or closed.

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You can delete them. Then you can retake the photos without the controls and put them in this topic or a new one. :)