Screenshot From 100-140.000ft

**Here’s Some Pic Of A Few Mountains Range
I Inspired To Do This Because I Saw Screenshot That @Hardlanding_Hussain made. Thanks For The Inspiration
(I also post this on my IG) **

Plane Type:F22
Location : Himalayas, Swiss Alps, Bali
Server: Solo

Thanks for visiting… Hope you like it…


those pictures are amazing! keep it up!

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Thank you very much, also thank for inspire me to try it.

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last one is Himalayas I’m sure

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Yep, you got it right.

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haha, I was inspired by @Altaria55 😉

I have no clue how people get this high as I always say, haha!

Great pictures :)

Thanks, my trick is climb till around FL340 then gather a lot of speed, then climb 90° straight up.
Try it. :)