Screenshot error?

How do I take a screenshot of a plane in front of the moon without it moving?
All of these F-14s I have tried to do a moonshot of always moves it out of place when it was perfectly in the dead center of the moon
Here are some examples:

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I have had this issue before, I would assume that it was a screenshot error but I never precisely figured out what the issue was

Have you found a way to fix it though? I think it randomly places it in random locations every few screenshots or something

You will have earth/moon rotation even if it’s paused. You just have to time it.

Are you saying that as I take the screenshot? I take the screenshot with the F-14 straight in the dead center of the moon, then the screenshot takes about 1 second to upload to my images, and the F-14 is straight out of the border of the moon. See this is what I’m talking about, it can’t seem to upload on the correct angle, or else maybe the time of the game turns into a timelapse and the moon has moved 30 seconds ahead.

I see. No, that should not happen.
Never had that issue.
Have you tried different resolution scale settings?

No I haven’t, I should give that a try

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I’ve had this issue before too, no idea how to fix it.

Sounds like the same issue as the one below, I’ve linked the solution for it below.

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