Screenshot Crash Trap

This is insane. I just took a lovely photo of a Lufthansa plane on final at KCLT.

When I took the screenshot, the screen turned white, then faded to black, and the app had crashed. It just sucked my entire flight, because I’d already taxied all the way to the runway, which was quite a distance from the FBO. This happened to me yesterday as well, but didn’t affect me because it was right at the gate. Besides today’s and yesterday’s screenshot of doom, my other screenshots yesterday and all before then were just fine. What’s the problem?


What are your device details and iOS version?

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iOS 8.3, I have a tablet, an Apple iPad mini. Is that all you need, or do you need all this?

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I have the same device as you. The 16GB first gen can run pretty slow. Maybe try deleting unused apps, old photos (download them onto cloud storage or a computer) or update to iOS 9.3.2 Then hard reset your device, drain the battery down to 5% and charge to 100%. It’s good to do a full charge of the device once in a while.

My iPad Mini 1 has iOS 9.3.2, 104 photos, 1 video, no songs, 31 apps and 4.0GB free. It works absolutely fine with Infinite Flight - I have all graphics on low except for the aircraft which is on high. In Live I normally put airplane count on low/medium to avoid the app crashing when it gets busy.


Why not not upgrade to iOS 9.3.2. Try restarting and before that clean away your apps

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I think his device is too old to handle ios 9


Unfortunately the device is a bit on the old side. At least relatively speaking. With only half a GB of available storage, and older OS, there’s not anything that can really be done.

I still use it… it’s unfortunate that Apple used an old processor for this, even in 2012 :-( And he really needs to clear his storage, this type of device is not meant to run IF that full

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