Screenshot Compilation - Back at it again!

Hello Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by my little thread here on the IFC. Today I will be sharing some screenshots of mine. These are edited, so they won’t quite look as identicle as the in-game counterpart. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

📸 Airline/Aircraft: Aer Lingus Airbus A320 ☘️
✈️Route: Dublin to Palma de Mallorca
🧑‍✈️Flight Info: FL350, M0.77

📸 Airline/Aircraft: Maroon Daher TBM930 🇫🇷
✈️Route: Key West VFR
🧑‍✈️Flight Info: FL015, 170kts

(My edit, thanks to @Chris_Hoss for the original - didn’t notice it at first.)

📸 Airline/Aircraft: Qatar Airways Airbus A350 🇶🇦
✈️Route: Edinburgh to Doha
🧑‍✈️Flight Info: FL390, M0.84

📸 Airline/Aircraft: ANA, Japan Air Boeing 777-200ER 🗻
✈️Route: Sapporo to Tokyo, Tokyo to Sapporo
🧑‍✈️Flight Info: FL380, M0.85, FL370, M0.84

📸 Airline/Aircraft: Qantas Boeing 737, Boeing 787, Jetstar A320 🦘
✈️Route: Brisbane to Sydney, San Francisco to Sydney, Sydney to Adelaide
🧑‍✈️Flight Info: FL380, M0.78, FL340, M0.77

📸 Airline/Aircraft: Austrian Airlines Boeing 777-200ER 🇦🇹
✈️Route: Vienna to Sydney (Repatriation Flight)
🧑‍✈️Flight Info: FL340, M0.86

Thanks for coming by! Let me know of any feedback, and your favourite screenshot by leaving me a comment down below!

All the best, stay safe!



Nice Photos!!


I love everyone of these!

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Thanks Charlie! Much appreciated…

Thanks Luke! But seriously, which one was your favourite… xD

Number one :)

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Really nice photos Adam :)

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Up the dubs!!

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This pictures are so amazing! How did you edit it or what kind of filter did you use?

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Thanks Oli!

Of course :) Love the spire!

Thanks Jan! No filter. I used Google Snapseed to edit these, and I usually just eyeball it to what I feel is right.

I love the first one as I am a huge fan of Aer Lingus and their A320. Well done!

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Very nice!

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First one is the best. The editing and colors look really nice. Keep posting these

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Great job on the photos! Looks awesome. They’re all pretty good, but I’d have to say the first one is my favourite!


Great captures!

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Really fantastic shots! I love all of them!

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Dude for a moment I thought the first pic was captured IRL lol😅😅
Great shots👍🏻😘

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Thanks Patrick! I, for one, am definitely a fan of the Aer Lingus A320 too!

Thanks Ben! Greatly appreciated!

Thanks mate! Good to know I’m taking my editing in the right direction! I sure will.

Thanks Aaron! The first one sure seems like a crowd favourite!

Thanks mate! Much appreciated!

Thanks dude! That’s great to hear!

Haha, that’s what I aim for! Great to hear you enjoyed them!


Nice photos. Congrats

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Thanks mate! Greatly appreciated…

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Wow the first picture I thought was real life at first! Nice pictures @Adam!