Screenshot caused app crash

Today i tried the A321 with NEW COCKPIT INSTRUMENTS!!!
All went well, until i took a screenshot. Then, the sound stopped and the app glitched, then crashed. Any possible reasons?

Hmm we have replay for screen shots right? ;) Or did you take screen shot in replay?

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There are plenty ways a crash may happen, especially after taking a screenshot. I have experienced the same issue myself, but that was due to corrupt storage on my 16Gb iPad.

We will need your device information to continue the discussion.

You may also take a look under the “What do I do if I experience app crashes or lag?” in the FAQ Topic below. I hope this helps.

Thanks! Ive read the post, and nothing really matches. I think with multiple warnings of “device storage running low” it must be that my iPad cant handle running both IF and photos at the same time 👌

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Well there is your issue try to free some space on your iPad

What’s your device? I have a rather low end iPad and have this same issue at times. The screenshot mode on the iPad apparently sucks a lot of your memory.

I recommend just completing your flight, then going back to replay mode and taking whatever screenshots you please. Your chances of ruining your current flight are diminished that way – that’s the beauty of the replay screenshot feature.

This is memory (RAM), not storage. Clearing your RAM before every flight, restarting your iPad, and making sure background programs are all closed besides Infinite Flight is a good way to prevent the constant “low memory” warnings.

See: How to Clear RAM on iPhone & iPad.


Will i have same issue happened to me twice before and my device new iPad pro 12.9 .
So i not think it’s ram or the memory .

iOS support here,
Push the off button until you see the screen “slide to unlock”. Then push and hold the home button until the screen flashes. That might fix it.

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That’s a rest for the old iPad and iPhone .
What i have the new one 👇

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