Screenshot bug

When I take a screenshot in the replay, a mysterious rectangle appears in the upper left and the time is evening. (I took it in the daytime) It’s happened many times. Is there any workaround? please fix it.Thank you (apologies for using screenshots with UI)

device:iPhone se 2


This is a known issue that has been reported for a while now, one solution I have heard is to lower the screenshot resolution scale to a lower amount.

You can do this in:

Settings β†’ General β†’ Scroll down β†’ Screenshot resolution scale β†’ Lower it.

Let me know if it works!

Well done! Thank you very much!

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Another work around I have seen if you do not want to lower screenshot resolution is you can try and move the time 1 or 2 minutes either side. But if lower resolution works then that is all good!

I see.Thank you!

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No worries!