Screenshot Bug: Very Basic Explanation & Stopgap Fix

Wow, look at this sick shot!

Takes screenshot.

Why is there a weird dark square on my perfect photo?! 🤬

Actually 2 for those of you who have eagle eyes. 😉

I’m pretty sure you have experienced this issue where the top left of your perfect sunrise/sunset screenshot became awfully brighter/darker. Well, your problems are solved! But before we get into the solution, let’s (very vaguely) understand the problem itself.

Note: This isn’t in any way an official explanation, it’s simply what I understand about it, which should be enough for most users.

To put it into very simple terms, from what I’ve noticed, the replay mode currently has a glitch where time won’t pass by on most of the screen (which I’ll call “Main Time”), but will pass by on that infamous top left corner, as well as on some other things around, such as buildings (which I’ll call “Actual Time”). With that very basic explanation, I think the solution should be somewhat obvious. I just noticed the 2nd square when I took the screenshots to make this topic, so I don’t understand exactly its time behavior. However that does not affect the fix in any way as far as I noticed.

If you didn’t get it, don’t worry. The solution is extremely simple: Since both the “Main Time” and the “Actual Time” are reset and synchronized when you set a new time, the issue is no more (for a little while at least)! Therefore, if you use the small timeframe where both times are too close to cause any noticiable discrepancy, you get a perfect screenshot. Or, in other words, set the perfect time and take the screenshot as fast as possible.

Alternatively, you can leave Infinite Flight sitting idle on replay for a few minutes/hours to get some very interesting screenshots, such as these:

A little fun fact: This 2nd photo of the 737 wingview was what made me realize what was going on with the screenshots. I then took the British Airways 747 one to test my theory. Turns out I was at least somewhat right.
Note: These seem to have been taken before the 2nd square became glitched.

I hope you find this topic useful for your next screenshot topics!


dang another actually useful #general topic


I used iPad Air 5 (with m1 chipset), and my iPadOS is 16.0 beta. I found that issue reported by you too. I thought that was the beta version system caused.


think more people need to see this, so little bump for you !!


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