Screenshoots Flight from Muscat to Munich

Flightime: 6:14h
Aircraft: B787-8
Livery: Oman Air
Server: Expert
Departure Airport: OOMS
Arrival Airport: EDDM
So unluckily i couldn’t land in Munich because the app chrashed. Hope you enjoy the pictures even if they’re not the best. By the way Syria has a great scenery.


Nice, how long did it take?

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Cool ! In real life it is operated by an A330-200 ✈️

Oman Air and Muscat is quite an underrated airline and airport. I flew into Heathrow from Muscat this morning, and loved every second of it

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Lovely pictures. It’s been a while since I have seen Oman Air 787 flown. Fantastic livery.

I think I saw you

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The scenery looks spectacular!

I know, I’ve flown the route myself, hopefully I’ll fly it again in the summer.

2 min. before Landing the app chrashed until there it took me 6h 14min.

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