Screenies from the Caribbees

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…
Some guy decided to do a flight and invited his friend who unfortunately suffers from antibutter to come along. And yes, it is indeed @Edivan_dcds

But what flight? That some guy thought his passengers probably had a lot of money, so he wanted to do a corporate flight. And so a corporate flight was done, through the Caribbean Sea.
From Exuma international airport (MYEF 🇧🇸) to Flamingo international 🦩 (TNCB 🇧🇶).

The flight provided the two with exceptional views from the air.
And some of those views will be here provided for you :)

Route 🧭: Exuma 🏝 (MYEF 🇧🇸) - Flamingo intl 🦩 (TNCB 🇧🇶)
Flight time 🕰: 2 hours and around 30 minutes
Aircraft ✈️: Tulip E175

Rotating out of this cute Bahamian airport

Oh mah lawd, the viewsss 🐠 🪸

More happy views 🦈

Crossing mountainous Haïti 🇭🇹

Unfortunately on final, fortunately in front of the moon 🌙

Exiting the runway with the poor passengers of @Edivan_dcds on final, bracing for impact… 💥

Edivan on a shorter final

Everyone thankfully arrived safely, Edivan with his antibutter only injured 3 people. A new record! 😄

Thank you all for viewing, till next time ☀️ 👋


You have a great sense of humor.

All photo’s are simply lovely. Well done.


Thank you kind sir


You’re welcome mr. anti-flare.


beautiful 🙌

Do you use snapseed or another app for editing?


They might not be edited, the Bahamas really is just this colorful


They are 100% edited. Trust me.

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Mainly ps express & in-built editor from Apple
But the focus editing is done with Snapseed :)

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@MxP! Lovely shots!

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Gorgeous pictures and probably the best of the Tulip livery I have seen yet. I hope you had a great flight!

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amazing shots!!

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Thank you

Thanks @MxP, it’s a beautiful livery you’ve made!

Merci beaucoup @axquaxtic :)


Very good shot 👀

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Qantas takes photos

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Tayt around…., 24 days too late😂

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