Screen Video Recording

Hello friends. I hope everything is okay. I have a problem. The video recording feature is not working. All permissions are on. Where could the problem be?

My phone: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android 7+

Have a nice flight

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You might want to search before you post a new thread here… You have posted 3+ threads which have already been solved in a day.

But read what it says “Your device is currently not supported”. It means you cannot record with the device you have.


Hi. What’s your Android version? Screen recording only works for devices running Android 5.0 or up.
If you’re running Android 5.0 or up, go to your phone’s main directory, and make a folder called ‘Movies’. The directory is the list of folders you see after you press ‘Device Storage’.
I hope you will manage to record now. Have a nice day! :)


sorry. I forgot to look at other topics without opening the topic. thank you for your help