Screen UI disappears l, can’t click anything, only move plane

Made a video here:

Okay, I’ve experienced this a few times… usually I just restart the app and it’s back to normal. Try that and see if it works.

I’ve got to go. See you guys around the forums soon.

I don’t see what the issue us. Can you clarify?

It seems like he can’t tap the screen when his flight loads.

An app restart should solve the issue. @Marshall_Hilfman have you tried that yet?

I don’t see it either. What do you mean with when his flight loads? Is it when he have spawned?

This is before he actually spawned in. He’s still at the point where he needs to select a gate or ramp start.

Hey Marshall, could you let me know which device you are using, and if this happens every time? Thanks!

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I get an issue where I use the free cam at the terminal. I havent flown yet but when I go to the settings button all the UI disappears. I can’t get out of freecam mode.

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Cameron, I’ve had the same issue 5+ times now…

iPhone 6s - 16 gb and also on iPad Air 2 32gb
Has happened at KATL every time for me.

I’ve noticed that 4 of the 5 times, ive been in the map screen putting in my flight plan. It will freeze for a second or two, come back, and then when im out of the screen the UI disappears as mentioned from others.

Thanks for the info! Could you send me a screenshot of your settings page so I can try and reproduce this? Cheers :)

Okay so I spawn in and after around five seconds the UI will permanently disappear, meaning I can’t click anything.

Or even leave the server.

Happened to me earlier today aswell. I restarted both the App and my iPad and now everything works.

Happened to me as well just now on my IPad Air


Other info:

interface timeout: 2 sec
Control normal
(nothing else check until auto start at airport and start w/ engines off. (this error has happened only with engines off now that i think about it)

Live screen:
nothing ticked
Airplane count high

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