Screen turning


why does my screen keep turning around on every view except the cockpit???

Have you tried putting screenlock on?

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that’s not what i meant

i ment on infinite flight the camera twists and twists around the plane in a flight and i can’t see any instruments

Are you using a joystick?

yes i am a lot more realistic

yes i am why

Ok, can you disconnect the buttons controlling the camera movement and get back to us? Sometimes the buttons get jammed which causes it to keep spinning.

non of the buttons are controlling the cameras,
only flaps lights etc

What Joystick do you have

t.flight hotas x

Would you mind sharing us a screenshot of the controls in settings?

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the commands?

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Yes, the commands showing what buttons do what.


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Can you please show one with the move left and right commands?

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what do you mean

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do you mean the axes

One like this