Screen shots of memories

Who remembers the good old days of infinite flight or the forum? Got any screen shots? Share them here.

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This needs to be in #meta. Also, I don’t think topics like these are allowed.

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There’s Duplicate Topics about this! :( Based around the same topic!

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Did you mean Duplicate? If so, please link them.

😥 why does this always happen

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Also, @Cheesecakeflyer which one. The forum or Infinite Flight.

Or the OP could check out this post instead of everyone barking at each other


Wow didn’t realize that jezze big spelling error lol.

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Because you don’t search before creating a topic. Just use the search bar at the top right. Its not that hard to create original topics. Just search if the topic is already made.


Pleeeeeeeasaaaaaaaseeee refrain from posting anything like this, you’ll get suspended for longer if not permanently!!!

Search for the topics first!

I could spam this for ages. It’s not that we don’t want you here, we just don’t want the topics! Search for them first, or don’t make them at all! Contribute to topics about the subject!

Can I suggest just not making any topics for the current time?

I know I sound harsh but I’m trying to help stay you on these forums.


Yes, I agree. Chill out with the topics. Maybe just for now don’t make topics and reply.

I may sound boring or mean but I’m trying to help you not get suspended again, I think we all are. I recommend for the time being to contribute to the community and have fun!

You should take a look at this topic.


We no longer permit topics where mass photo sharing is allowed. Each individual is permitted to post a limited amount of photos per day per the Screenshots and Videos category. Take a look at the guidelines found there.

Everyone else, please take note and interact with useful and helpful detailed posts in a polite & respectful way. Thanks!

This doesn’t help the OP one bit.