Screen Shot Button on Replay

Ive just spent about 30 minutes angling my camera and taking screen shots of my flight with the screen shot button along the small menu bar along the bottom. Ive just finished and none of the photos i have taken appear to be in my camera roll…
How does the screen shot button work and is there a way to get my photos?
Or have i just wasted my time? 😂
Any tips/help would really be appreciated.

they should save in a separate “infinite flight” folder that is automatically created.

are you on android or iOS

Im using iOS.

Sometimes they take a bit to download on your device. How long has it been since you took those shots?

alright then I’m not the most qualified to help you since I have an android, but for me, google photos automatically made an infinite folder and my screenshots save there

About 15 mins now…

I’ve checked my photos and there isnt a new file thats been created…
Thanks for your help tho, much appreciated :)

it saves itself on an ablum in photos @Dan2248


Have you given access for Infinite Flight to access your Photos? This would be in your permission settings in the settings app.


I cant believe i didnt think of that 😂
Ill go and check now…

That actually was the problem 😂😂😂
Thank you!

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