Screen Shatter Glitch?

Has anyone had an effect like shattered glass happen with the graphics? I didn’t want to spend time posting about it if someone already had but couldn’t find anything posted about it? I’ll upload photos as well - graphics settings are set to medium with an iphone7.

Happy flying!

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I have this all the time but the image on the screen before that is the one I find in my camera roll. (I have a Iphone SE)

Interesting! Mine went from Blue shatter to White Shatter…

Welcome to the Community Jacob!

I actually don’t seem to understand you with that “Shattered Glass” Glitch. Just send us those pictures and the screenshots if you can for me to understand it better, please. 🙂

If this happens, a common thing to do here is to reinstall the application. Let me know if you do so.

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Hi, this was an issue commonly found when the A330 was initially released after being reworked. As much as I hate to suggest it, but have you tried uninstalling the app, clearing the data and then reinstalling? We found that worked for a lot of other people with the same issue.



Just crashed after flying for awhile, tough when this happens…

Thanks! Will do!

Make sure you are using the latest infinite flight version. You may want to uninstall and reinstall.


Thanks everyone! Glitches went away when I reinstalled and lowered graphics settings.

See ya out there!

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