Screen resolution issue and loss of logbook data

Hello, On May 31, when I opened my IF app, I realized I lost my log book data (but not my XP and flight time) and the screen resolution appeared with poor quality (fuzzy image, difficulty to change the angle of view when pushing back the aircraft…etc.). I had no issue so far and now I can’t fly anymore in those conditions. Could you please help and advise how to solve that issue? Thanks, Dom

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Device? Version?


Hello, welcome to the forum. I have experience this fuzzy aircraft are you sure you did not just accidentally put the aircraft quality to poor?

You can change the screen resolution app. Settings > Graphics > Screen Resolution > High.

As far as I know if you Re Install the app clear the app data you will lose the log book. Any hours logged on live will be still be there.

Are you logged into the same account?

As said above. Device, OS, version of IF you are running, Jail broken?

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Thanks Gea, Sam1 and D_Gee for your answers. Much appreciated.
I have been able to solve the graphics quality issue. However, II have already de- and re-installed the app but the log book is still empty even if my Online flight (15h49) and Grade 3 are still indicated…
I use an Iphone 5 iOS 9.3.2. The version of IFshould be the last one as I have just reinstalled it.

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