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On my flight back from Seattle, some sharp object punctured the top of my suitcase, through the first few layers, my MacBook’s soft case, and finally the MacBook’s screen itself. So no more recording/streaming with QuickTime Player on my Mac!

Anyone know a reliable (and free) way to display my iPhone’s screen on my PC, so OBS can detect and stream it?

Edit: Wi-Fi isn’t reliable enough to stream from iPhone to PC via AirPlay Mirroring; I need a wired (USB) solution

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Man that really sucks I wish I could help out try to find a solution myself


Sorry I should’ve been more specific, I tried that already but my Wi-Fi isn’t reliable enough to stream via AirPlay Mirroring. I need a cabled (USB) solution


I don’t think you can use a USB but you can try using air squirrel 2

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Hmmm, I’d just suggest getting QuickTime on Windows… that might work?

I think that a lightning to HDMI cable works. It might require a capture card though.

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I might look into that. @Oscar I think that’s the last version of QT Apple made for Windows, and it has security flaws & I couldn’t find a feature that shows my phone’s screen.

Requires a CCU connection to an engineering rack via via a SMPTE Fiber cable,which is linked to a Broadcast Pix switcher, none of which are in my personal inventory at this time ;)

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