Screen Recording Software For IF

Hello IFC! I was just wondering what the best screen recording software is for recording full flights in IF.(Android)


Android or iOS device?

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I know I’m not the one that asked but I’m actually curious what is a good screen recorder for android.

Rofl I just use the built in one

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I would recommend to try the following ones:

Here is a list of alternative you can use to record your flights:

Information stolen by the:

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I never seen a built in one. How do you use it?

Ever since the built-in recording feature was removed, I’ve mainly used mobizen.
I highly recommend Mobizen. It is free, and you can turn off all watermarks. For live streaming, I recommend using StreamLabs mobile, I also use that.

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No, the built in one was removed. @Thomas_G posted a list of great third party screen recorders.

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For anyone with Android (not sure how recent your OS has to be and/or what phone you need has for this to be implemented), you can run “Game Tools” (built-in, not an app) during gameplay without interrupting the app’s usage. It includes screenshots, screen recording, notification limiting, etc

Ive used the AZ recorder many times. Works very well with good options.

The OP is on Android so let’s keep that in mind when replying please.

But I have ios and you just ajust it at settings so you can record at any time you want!

I meant the one on my iPhone

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