Screen recording mode - for smooth and lag-free videos

I am proposing a feature that would greatly aid in producing smooth and lag-free videos.

In screen-recording mode, you will have the ability to play a replay in slow motion - perhaps as slow as 1/16 or 1/32 of real-time. This is so that when you speed up the screen recording during video editing, the video appears smooth and fluid. It would also be good if you can choose whether you want the replay to be in 30fps or 60fps.

Right now, during the replay the phone can start to lag and skip frames very quickly - depending on the device, graphic settings, airport and aircraft used. This makes it sometimes almost impossible to screen record without imperfections such as multiple skipped frames and severe lag.

Having the ability to replay in slow motion will fix this issue and overcome device limitations.

I also experience this kind of issues, totally agree. Hopefully it will be fixed!

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