Screen recording for iOS

I’d love to record timelapse Videos, especially when global flight comes out.


I’m note sure but I guess you put an video into iMovie and fasten it by two until you reach your desired speed haha

I believe the developers said they would bring built-in screen recording for iOS. I think they were having some technical problems during the development.


The apple things called ReplayKit. Has no option for time lapse though

I’m sure they can find a way to time-lapse it. ;)


But all current apps does not have time lapse because they are “games” and do not require time lapse. But it would be great for an option for developers.

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nope only x2 with iMovie

  1. Plug iPhone/iPad to Mac
  2. Open QuickTime
  3. New video recording
    ####Press the “/” button beside record button
  4. Select the name of your phone
  5. Start recording when ready
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Again and again

Don’t have a mac

that’s not possible x2 is maximum o.O

No, 32X is max.

what ? how :o is there a tutorial?

You may be talking about iMovie iOS?

yeah… I am

You can currently use a different program, like AirShou. That’s what I use, and I don’t have any issues. The nice thing about it is that you don’t have to have a jailbroken device.

I use Air shou too. But I want to record timelapse

You could just edit the footage in a video editor and speed up the playback speed.

Hi, hope can help you.
try to find if exist already a topic about this before posting.😜

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guys the title got changed. I know how to screen record but I want a TIMELAPSE

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