Screen recorder

Hello I want to male videos from IF off my iPad but I don’t know what to use.

Thanks Goran

ios 11 has a built in screen recorder

Ok thanks but when I record it I cant stop it. Meaning I can’t switch it off.

What do you mean You can’t stop it?

If recording for a long time, it may take some time. Just wait

Thank I switch it on then I can’t switch it off.

It’s easy, just swipe up and press the button you pressed to start recording it ;)

Oh ok that’s why…

But when I whatch videos on YouTube they record for 2hr or even 6hr.

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Make sure you have enough storages too!

That’s because they mirror they’re phone to a computer, and record it on their computer. There are several topics discussing this, and it’s very easy, all you need is a screen recorder like OBS and start recording it ;)

Oh ok thanks that’s probably the problem.

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But how do you mirror.

You will a need Apple Mac

Oh I don’t have one.

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