Screen recorder

Can anyone give me a good screen recorder to use on my iOS to record for my YouTube channel apart from AirShou? Thanks


Ehrm, the built in one in iOS 11 works perfectly :)


Use the ios 11 screen recorder, better than airshou


I have been using that and it works great only thing is the video lags with the sound

i have iOS 11 but i can’t find any screen recorder

Go to control center, click on “customise controls” and if the screen recording is not under “include” you just need to click on the + symbol


Go to settings>control center>>customize controls> then add screen recording


IOS one if brilliant to use!

Here’s a full on topic on how to use it;


I have the same problem it mainly happens at the end of videos. What I do is I just put music…

It’s just a pain because the video records perfect along with the sound there just not running together in time it’s a pain because it’s a great app but a bug that Apple needs to fix

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One problem with the iOS recorder is that you can’t record long videos. I was recording a flight from LAX to EWR and the recorder stopped recording after 40 minutes. I didn’t figure that out until after I landed when I went to check out the vid


Good heavens why would you record that in its entirety? Lol

The game needs a highlighted reel

That would be really cool.

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Imagine a reworked log book that showed the route taken showed clips of landing and small moment at cruise?

Are just photos if easier.

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then the app would have to process the video. More than likely export it out of IF and that on its own would be most likely be 1gb of storage

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