Screen recorder or whole device crashing when recording


Hope everyone is having a great day, when I try recording for my YT video for Timelapses either the screen recorder crashes every 3 minutes or when it does work my whole tablet will crash. Anyone know how to fix this Please.

Thank you
Shayaan (shayaanahmed247)

My Tablet - Galaxy Tab S4
Screen Recorder - default one
Tablet version - android version 10, UI version 2.1

Do you think it’s IF or the screen recorder?

I cant speak for your device but for mine it’ll only screen record for a few minutes then aucomaticly shut off, Could be the same as mine.

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How many storage do you still have left?

Maybe Photos is full?

Maybe the graphics are too high?

Tried my best :)

  • AVZY

I think IF cause it never happened when recording other things

Yep, same but it used to work

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I always try to keep half of my device empty, and I have enough storage to record alot

Let me check

Yeh, everything was on high some how. I lowered it to medium and I will see tomorrow what happens

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Ok πŸ‘

Try to get max. On medium

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@AviationZyYT, it was because my settings were all maxed, I made them all medium and successfully recorded more than an Hour.

Thank you for the help

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No problem πŸ˜‰ Nay time!

Have nice day!

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