Screen problems

Last week I started to notice that my screen gets a white flickering area that becomes bigger and bigger until everything is white. It occurred more often over time, at the moment always. Please see screenshots. image

You’ll have to reinstall your application, that should fix it. It’s a known bug that came with the new 19.1 Update. There’s been a hotfix but that didn’t work on all devices.

Also, this belongs in #support


Please reinstall your application. This is a known error that the IF team fixed. You must not have seen the message.

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I already answered the same, 20 hours ago 😊

Let’s wait for OP to reply and see if it worked. There’s no point in pushing the topic to the top in the meantime.


One thing: This bug doesn’t just occur while flying the A330; it also occurs when you’re near an A330.

Just looked.