Screen problem


It’s almost like it’s the tablet version loaded on a phone screen. I think I’ve seen this before. I’m going to do some searching…

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I can’t even choose my aircraft either. Any suggestions ,??

Unfortunately no good news according to this older thread. Note the very last post on it. I’ll keep looking.

Like what @Flightfan84 said, I’m going to search as well

Okay thanks man I’m going to sleep and I hope we can find a answer soon thank you for helping and keep researching


Okay thank you both hopefully you guys find an answer


Someone has faced this issue before. Here’s the solution to that issue:

Hope this helps! :)


So basically I have to wait

So basically I just have to wait a long time until a patch comes out?

Get in contact with Samsung. Say you can’t use an app, and will switch to an iPhone if it doesn’t get fixed by tommorow. That will get the Koreans to crack the whip 😂

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Lmao yes lol

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Is this on ios?

Go to your App Manager Settings… is there a button that says enlarge icons? Because if it is on, turn it lff.

Nope Samsung on5

No saddley there’s not :(

Check your display and screen settings?

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