Screen problem

Hello I am doing everything I can to make intimate flight work but when I start the app everything is WAY TOO BIG, like the buttons look like they are made for a tablet. And im not able to change my plane because of big buttons(bug!)


Tablet specs?

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wrong app…


Clearly wrong spelling

What is your device?

@Qantas_ryan Lol, I’m sorry, completely off topic. I just pictured the F/O and captain holding hands during flight and it gave me a good chuckle.

Okay, back on topic. First I would try the usual fixes. Restart device, restart app. If it’s still a problem uninstall and reinstall the app. If you’re still having issues come right back here and we’ll keep working at it. If you could give all of your device info that will be helpful as well.


Well I’m just saying that the buttons look like there made for a tablet(
meaning there too big) but the phone I am using is a Samsung on5

Here are a couple photos

I’m using a Samsung on5

Okay I will and I will inform you if anything happens. I

Still didn’t work ;(

Please show us what the aircraft/region pages look like.


It’s almost like it’s the tablet version loaded on a phone screen. I think I’ve seen this before. I’m going to do some searching…

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I can’t even choose my aircraft either. Any suggestions ,??

Unfortunately no good news according to this older thread. Note the very last post on it. I’ll keep looking.

Like what @Flightfan84 said, I’m going to search as well

Okay thanks man I’m going to sleep and I hope we can find a answer soon thank you for helping and keep researching