screen pray

can anyone help me?
my infinite flight has a black screen when entering the app 😢
can anyone help me?

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Can you provide more details? Is this your first time launching the app? Have you tried closing the app and restarting your device then try again?

negative, I’ve been on INFINITE for 1 year

I bought a new cell phone (moto g200) and the second time I went in, it ended up getting a black screen

I already restarted, uninstalled and it didn’t help


Feel free to check out this topic, as it shows what devices are compatible with Infinite Flight as well as how they are expected to perform. Your issue could be related to incompatibility with Infinite Flight but I am not 100% sure.

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I see that the problem is not the cell phone, but something that is going wrong 😢 I just don’t know which one 😅

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