Screen on all night

Hello Everybody,
I made my first overnight flight (10h Paris to Tokyo), and now I just found out my phone is a bit twisted. I was wondering if it can be because of the screen on all night ? Or is it something else without any link to IF ?

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Good flights

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Like your phone is actually twisted? 🤔

Need a little more information such as pictures to give us a better idea what your issue is.


Define “Twisted”?

Yes your phone needs to be on. It is advised to put it on the scenic camera since it rotates around.


Here are some tips when doing an overnight flight.
-Turn your screen brightness all the way down.
-close all background apps.
-and make the time in the game night.


If your phone has been physically twisted and deformed overnight without any major physical impacts etc, I would strongly recommend immediately replacing the battery and not using the phone until it has been replaced, as your battery may have expanded and deformed the frame, which could be a potential fire or explosion hazard. See
What to Do When Your Phone or Laptop Has a Swollen Battery


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It depends on the phone but sometimes, it don’t change anything.

There is a really nice application but it’s not available on Apple devices in general and only by the dev’s website on Android devices.

I downloaded it and it works fine.

Here it is :
It use the same sensor as phone call while near the ear.

If @Insertusernamehere is indicating it is the battery, what phone do you have?

How about we let the OP respond.


I think that his screen could physically be twisted. The heating of the phone could have bent and cracked the phone.

Drawing attention to this again. 👆🏼


By “twisted” do you mean burn in?

Closing this for a bit. Message sent to the original poster.

Update: Handled via PM Support. User advised with tips on how to conserve battery power and options such as dimming the display.