Screen mirroring

Has anyone tried to mirror the game on a tv
It lags a little bit depending on your conn

Im doing it through apple play

Results are very nice take a look


That looks awesome! I will defiantly have to try that!

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I wonder if there’s a way I can share over to my 24" Samsung Curved PC monitor. But is it even worth screen sharing?

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When I do it, Infinite Flight never takes up the full screen. What size screen is it? Also, my connection is good, but the sound always turns off and on.

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There are apps you can download on devices such as the Amazon fire tv stick that imitate Apple TV so it would share your device to the monitor via the stick

Maybe try adjusting the resolution/picture size on the TV so it fits your device properly


I usually do this because it’s very cool! Then again when I share to the screen my phone lags a little bit.

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I’ve done this before with my Chromecast. However, there is some latency between the device and what happens on the screen, but that’s expected considering that’s not the main purpose of a Chromecast.

I usually just plug my phone directly into my TV with a USB-C to HDMI cable, and it works super smooth.

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Used to do this quite a lot a year or two ago. Plug in a USB-C in my iPad and one into either my TV or 38” Monitor and I’m good to go. Latency is very minor, barely noticeable but recently I haven’t used a secondary bigger monitor for IF… maybe, I should start going back to how I used to play in the past…

It’s a fully immersive experience, very cool indeed to watch your plane fly on a large monitor, and it does to certain degree enhance the experience of flying, as you got your device or joystick to fly with, while the plane is on the big screen 😎


MaxSez: FDS/IF need to offer “STREAMING”, if I can stream my IPAD video to “YouTube” why not IF.

Its nice during replay
But its hard to control it while looking on a bigger screen

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I have to try that.

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