Screen mirroring to windows

Hey guys hope you all are having a fantastic day!
I have this question that has been going in my mind since forever.
I want to know it is possible to mirror your device to a windows computer. I don’t know if there is a windows app or something that allows this but if you do know please let me know…


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I know you could Mirror to an Apple TV or Desktop from an Apple device, but I don’t know about Windows.


Mhm yes I am aware of that. I wish I knew a way to screen mirror to windows. Thanks for replying though!

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I believe it is possible to do that using BlueStacks. Unsure if it is possible on IOS because I don’t use it, nor do I know if it’s actually practical and worth doing.

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BlueStacks is an emulator, not a mirroring software. It is also not supported and the current version of the app will not work due to an error with BlueStacks.

There are a number of mirroring options but most will have some sort of lag involved unless you are plugging straight into an external monitor or something.


Mhm… do you know any that could possibly work just by mirroring it?

If you’re using iOS devices, then you can try apple’s lightning av adapter to mirror directly to a monitor. But it’s so expensive.
For an alternate, I use lonelyscreen. It’s sometimes laggy but it works fine to me

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It is possible and even simple, but I forgot howw to do it. Nothing to install ib windows 10. Sure all details are somewhere in the forum.

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Thanks. If you can find it please let me know!

I am searching…

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For an android device-

If you have any experience with ADB (android debug bridge) and you have access to ffmpeg (and ffplay) for that matter, provided your device allows usb debugging you can use the ADB command

adb shell screenrecord --output-format=h264 — | ffplay -framerate 60 -probesize 32 -sync video -`

but it can have latency depending on the pc, usb cable and device in question. It also sometimes shuts off after a few minutes
(This allows it to loop)

adb shell “while true; do screenrecord --output-format=h264 -; done” | ffplay -framerate 60 -probesize 32 -sync video -

However, as always, I struggle to see the appeal of mirroring the display… You won’t be able to control it through the pc, the latency would make flying with it difficult, and you’d still have to use your phone to look at ATC and the likes 🤷

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Hey if you are using an android mobile/tab and want to mirror it with your windows desktop, it’s easy. You must have Windows 8 or above for this. Connect your device with the desktop via Bluetooth. After that, click Windows + P. A project dialog box will appear. After that, select ‘duplicate’ option and your desktop monitor will look like the screen of your mobile.

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That exists for the purpose of extending a display driven directly from a graphics output. You wouldn’t be able to do it in that manner, if anything it would use your phone as a PC display if it was connected properly.

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There is an other option for duplicate

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Thanks for the reply! Well the reason people like screen mirroring is usually the reason you would want to screen mirror to a bigger screen is because you have a joystick. And looking at a smaller screen is harder when controlling with a joystick. You can also assign keyboard commands if you have a keyboard. You can also put the screen brightness all the way down to save battery. So basically in the end you get the benefit of saving battery, realism and just plain convenience of simming on a bigger screen!

Oh… thanks for the reply but I have an Apple device…

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I think you may have missed my point about latency and not being able to control it through your PC: USB cables aren’t the fastest in the world, and the time it takes for your phone to send the display data to the pc then monitor, then the time it takes for your joystick to send it’s signals back to your phone increase latency (basically you would see a time difference between doing something and it actually happening on screen)

To further that, as I said above, you wouldn’t be able to control the device with your PC. Especially more so on iOS, you are limited on which external devices can control your phone/ tablet. Mirroring a screen simply allows you to see your display in a larger format, but typically does not allow control (you wouldn’t be able to use a keyboard and joystick)

Liveflight is an excellent alternative, but would still require you to use the screen on your phone as the primary display, but would allow you to use a keyboard and joystick.

Hope that helps explain a bit

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Well, I simply used screen mirorring on my A5, but is not on my S8+… so…

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