Screen Mirroring iPad to PC

I use LiveFlight Connect to be able to use a joystick with Infinite Flight.
Since that means I’m tethered to my PC anyway, I’d like to mirror my iPad Pro’s screen to the PC (Windows 10).

Apowersoft iOS recorder is too low res. You can’t really read the smaller text because of it.
LonelyScreen looks great but really lags, which makes it very hard to use.
Even other (paid) applications don’t run smooth.

Does anyone know of a tool that does work well?



I’ve been trying to find one but none of them are good. Would love some help too.

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I may be able to help, but I’m not sure if it would work.
I have a cord that connect my iphone to the my TV however, I’m not sure if it can mirror on to a laptop.

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I’ve though about converters as well.
My screen has several unused connections.
I don’t think I’d want to loose my PC’s screen though.

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This is a great software that I use all the time.

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Air Server is the most professional. I use it, and you can get a free 7-day trial (which you can hack to extend to forever). Very professional, it looks like a by-product of apple’s Apple TV.


Apart from the fact that it costs $300 if you want it legitimately

I’ll check it out!

Well ¥2,300 in US dollars is $300, according to Google

AirServer seems pretty good!!

I did a quick flight with it.

It’s € 14,-.

Thanks, @Ben_Schenk!


I tried using that, but didn’t it have a video time limit or something?

Not that I can find. It looks great!
I’m going to test it some more.

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I was just able to mirror my iPhone7+ To my Xbox using airserver and it worked just fine for me.

Im going to save ur life from buying anything. Use quick time Movie. Its perfect, I use it on my iMac and its the best thing ever!!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Only on a Mac. That doesn’t work on Windows, unfortunately.

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Cuz Apple is Annoying

What about air server?

Plug your i pad into the monitor not the computer the monitor

AirServer seems to be the best solution so far.
It costs € 13,99.

It’s only £10.99 (including tax)