Screen Looks Cloudy

The background colour has changed from a darker grey to a light grey, but it seems as though it has made my screen a cloudy grey. This isn’t necessarily an issue, but it is a little strange. Is this an issue with my device or is it a new update? The screenshot I took doesn’t really show any difference but I’ll try to get a good one.

What do you mean by the background colour? And yes, please post a screenshot as that will help us see what the issue is.

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Will do when i land

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They just all look brighter

I included the hud so you can see better.

First one is now second was earlier today

Same here. The background just looks lighter. I just found it weird.

I thought it could be fog but the homepage was the same.

I sorted it myself actually. I restarted my phone and went back in and it went back to normal.