Screen Layer Function

This feature request is to change a very simple issue but it’s one that I experience almost every time I’m inputting a flight plan. The idea is to give touch screen input priority to the globe screen layer over the main screen. I’ll attach a picture to clarify. Have you ever tapped the “Search” bar in the globe menu to input a fix, VOR or airport code only to have the system status menu pop up over the search bar instead? This feature fix would disable the system status from being selected when the globe screen for flight planning is being used. Speaking of flight planning, and because this follows the same type of inconvenience, I would also like to request that when selecting a fix on the map that the information menu be disabled. I usually have this occur when I’m making quick selections and adding a fix to my FPL but instead I tap a little too far left of the + and the menu opens to show information for that fix, however fixes never have information. It’s a blank and useless box of information that now has to be closed. Maybe I’m the only one that ever has these annoyances occur but they’re frequent enough for me that I’m willing to type up a feature request 😉. These are both such little tweaks, and I’m sure someone is bound to say that they should be in separate requests, however they’re both related to touch screen input so I made a judgement to put them together. I also hope this adequately justifies the second screen shot. Moderators just let me know if you want something changed. Thanks! image image