Screen glitch while on final at JFK

(Photo taken around 7 hours before the JFK iatc was over)

When I entered the HUD view on JFK final, my screen would get these purple lines as if it was broken; however, I switched the camera view to cockpit and the glitches disappeared. I did this numerous times and every time I switched to the HUD view the screen looked like what it does in the image above.
Today I did 3 landings in France, Italy, and South Africa, and did not have this issue; it seems like this was temporary, but I’m not sure why these screen glitches happened in the first place, since I’ve never seen it before or had any further issues so far. Anyone else experience this too?

Device: Apple
Operating system: 5th gen Mini-iPad
Storage: 64 gb with 9gb remaining

Is there any step you believe might help reproduce this issue? Something you did to trigger it?

Or was it just a 1 time thing that happened out of the blue

1 time thing. Never had this happen.

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I guess it will be difficult to reproduce then but maybe let the others try.

If they can’t, maybe it wa a just a 1 time thing that we will never see again…

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iPad mini 4 lines on screen when using Infinite flight - Support - Infinite Flight Community

This is the closest community post I could find, but the iPad isn’t the type I own. Maybe it has to do with the mini since they also had an issue using the iPad-Mini. Also mine didn’t corrupt the pixels on my iPad

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OP says restarting iPad, changing brightness helped.

They also said banging on the back of the iPad helped, but try that on your own risk lol


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