Screen Frozen In IF After Entering Decent Altitude

I’m about to start my dissent into Salt Lake City, but when I entered one of my altitudevpoints, my game froze. What do i do. My thing is fully charge, and this happens a lot. Sorry for any typos or anything, I’m just trying to do this fast so I can land the plane.

Hi there, can you please reference what device you are on?

There is a known issue related to altitudes that will be fixed in 20.2

iPad generation 7. This happens also when I enter in a new display name, or call sign. On my iPhone, it works completely fine, but on my iPad, everything just freezes when I have to type something

It sounds like this may be a larger issue with the app communicating with the ipad operating system. You may want to back up and replays and uninstall/reinstall the app from the store. This may refresh any permissions it needs for access to the keyboard.

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OK. Just to let everyone at the team know, this is been an occurrence since iOS 14 happened

I have 14 on mine and is fine. I know 14 has increased their permissions functionality with this release.

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Solved per OP