Screen Freezing

Hi all, please point me to a different topic if there’s a similar one, but I haven’t found anything.

First: I use IF on a brand new 3rd gen iPad air with iOS 13.6 and the most recent version of IF. This started to happen during version 20.1.2, and I didn’t experience it when I used my iPhone 10 during and before 20.1.1.

Mainly when controlling but also occasionally when flying, my screen will become unresponsive. Several times today, I missed exit commands or gave late instructions because the screen was frozen. This usually happens for 2-10 seconds at a time without any rhyme or reason - i.e. sometimes I’ll control a hub for 90 minutes without issues, but I just did a test with one plane for 5 minutes and there were 3 short freezes. This has happened at several airports around the world, so specific locations don’t seem to be the problem.

The only theme I can point out is that it always involves the map being open, so I often have trouble making FPL’s and, as mentioned above, giving timely ATC instructions. Thanks for the help in advance!


Is the wifi good?

Yep, that’s also brand new and I don’t disconnect from anything often.

This happened to me two times.

How many apps do you have running in the background? Try killing all of them, reboot, run just IF, and see if it still happens. I can help you test things out again after.

Edit: This may be a long shot, but try hiding everything you don’t need in the map (airspaces, uncontrolled airports, taxiways, etc.) See if you can replicate the issue in Solo mode too

For the top one, I’ve done that and nothing changed. I’ll try what was suggested in the edit shortly

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Performing a soft reset of the device should be your solution. I’ve experienced this in my iPad mini 5 and the above was my fix :)

This happens to me sometimes too. I am ready to start my descent into the airport and then my screen freezes and if the app doesn’t crash itself, I just close as there’s nothing I can do about the frozen screen. It’s annoying

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I also run IF on the iPad Air 3, I have no issues whatsoever. It’s probably a problem relating to your device.

Try closing other apps, restarting IF and clear your scenery cache. I don’t know what else to say beyond that.

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