Screen Freezing

Good Evening, Has anyone had this problem with the systems page shifting to the left of the screen and not being able to access anything else. I fell out of the sky and got 4 Violations for it. It happened to me twice last night.

What device and operating system do you have?

This is an odd one for sure.

Sorry forgot to add that in post. I am using an Iphone X With IOS 12. But it happened to me when i had IOS 11 also.

Okay, have you tried deleting the app at all and can you consistently reproduce this?

This might not be helpful but feel free to delete this but im using an i phone 6 plus and this hapens to me is it because its an old phone?

Yes because i deleted it because i still get the blue screen so i thought maybe deleting it would help the blue screen and it didnt.

Okay sit tight. We have some team members that will look into this further. I sent a PM and received your response. Thanks again, Chris

Thank you for your fast response. Have a good night

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So i was able to reproduce it just now. If you flip your phone in a 360 with the page open then it happens.


Thanks. We will test and try to reproduce this on our end. For now, avoid rotating the phone too far.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

No problem. have a great night. great game anyways

We were able to reproduce as well. iPhone 7 and iPhone X. Passing this along to our issues manager and the developers.

  • If possible avoid banking or pitching too far with your device until this is resolved in the future.
  • If the screen freezes, avoid accumulating any violations by ending the flight if the violations are imminent.
  • Utilize the lock screen feature as well.

Thanks again,