Screen Freezing

While trying to choose my planes my screen every so often freezes.

This was happening on iOS 10 but I am now on iOS 11 beta. This shows it is not just a glitch with iOS11.

System: iOS 11.
Date: 06/09/17.

Thanks for your help

i have gone through my checklist that some of you may know

Delete and re-install Infinite Flight. If that doesn’t do it, restart your device.
If that doesn’t do it, try contacting @Tyler_Shelton or @schyllberg !

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What checklist are you talking about?

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I was just about that ask the same as @PiloteerFrankie

It would be good to know what you’ve done so far, so we’re not advising you to do the same thing all over again.
It would also be good to know what kind of iDevice you are using :)



Restart the app, if that doesn’t work restart and refresh your device. Make sure that all of your background apps are closed. Once you begin a session with Infinite Flight do not back out of the app. Your last resort is to back up your device then delete the app and reinstall.

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@PiloteerFrankie and @schyllberg my checklist is

  1. Restart app
  2. Restart device
  3. Delete app and reinstall
  4. Contact support if all else fails

You can close this if you like, however this is a problem that has happened multiple times.


Does this happen when it loads the preview image?

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No, while choosing the aircraft. So when I’m scrolling for what I like it stops, lags then just completely stops

Having the exact same issue whether there’s some people around or no people around on my iPad Air 2. Currently using iOS11 developer Beta9 🤔.

Mine lags when I’m flying though, the scrolling issue occurs on my iPhone 5s with exactly the same software that my iPad is on.

My only suggestion is to check your memory. Good luck fixing the problem.

Indeed, as @Reedgreat suggested, memory might be an issue.

Check up on that and make sure you have sufficient space.

Get back to us on that with device info too, cya then.

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iPhone 6 or 6s or 7 or 5s? Sometimes, it just needs time to catch up. If you aren’t freezing on approach you’ll be fine.

Maybe you could scroll slower or update to beta 10? That may help.
It could be an issue with memory too.

Try not to have many background apps running while you are playing. That usually helps battery life and IF will be running as smooth as butter.