Screen freezes

Hi. title says it all but it happens now when im about to type in the waypoints. it stays frozen until i exit IF and when i get back it, everything is fine. any solutions to this? cleared my ram before the flight. this happened after i updated the software today.

iPhone 6 Plus
IOS 11.2.1

Try restarting your device and if that doesn’t work then lower your settings on IF to put the device under less stress.


Does the device ever unfreeze?

nope unless i exit the app and enter it again

Does it freeze when you type in just one waypoint and/or a bunch of them?

no its when i’m about to type and the keyboard pops up and all of a sudden it just freezes.

IF Game, it does require high capacity of ur device.

Like my case, am using ipad 2017 32gb iOS 11.2 Processor A9 Chip, all in high settings but after couple of days playing have to restart my device, bc I start feeling laggy not as smooth as before…so once restart it will be smooth…

I also have others high display of game, but it don’t feel laggy even I haven’t restart my advice ever.

So IF game is really unique app… lol

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