Screen freezes while flight continues...

I had a flight several moments ago, and another one prior whare the screen would freez up, wich on the first one was a bummer, and I quit the app. No biggie, on the second it seemed the flight continued possibly, and I actually got 2 violations for speed, and I tried another flight, and had the same thing. I have had one or two sporadic freezes prior, but never on any flights. No new updates, same WiFi, same device nothing changed, anyone had this issue before?

iPad Mini 4

I also tried to restart the device and app, and still had it…

I think you have to do the software update.

@Mika For IOS? There is an update I will try that…

Yes, iOS 11.4 is out

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It is instaling, it said 24 muinets then it said 80 or somthing now it sais 20, more or less IDK, lets home it works…

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Seems to have helped, wich I had payed more attention to IOS 11.4 before I got violations, thanks @Mika!