Screen Freeze While Flying

So yes I know there are a bunch of topics in #support with the update so I apologize if this has been brought up already (I saw one topic, but OP asked for it he closed almost right away)

Anyway, I’m flying the 777 and along with the frequent server cutouts, whenever I touch the screen of my phone. The screen freezes for a good 10 seconds before it responds, and this has happened every single time I’ve tried to move something for the Past hour or so. I’m using an IPhone 11 and all of my graphics are low

If it matters my phone is also super hot, even tho I have it in my cold basement on a windowsill

This happens to me too, don’t know why

The same exact thing happens to me. I’m using a Iphone 7, but it usually works fine with planes that have live cockpits. I’ve noticed an excessive amount of lag when using the new 772.The most lag for me comes when I switch aircraft views/cameras.


Yeah it’s definitely happening more on external cameras, I wonder if it will get better when servers slow a little

I’m getting it on all camera views, especially when switching to the cockpit view. I cant even fly the 772 rn because of this problem. I hope it gets fixed.


I can’t fly at all because of the server issue.

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I’m going to try to put my time on night to see if that cools my phone down and maybe makes a difference

@Captain_KTM So after about 15 minutes changing the time to night, it still froze, for 17 seconds. Hopefully a mod or staff member will see this and knows what the fix is

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It’ll get better, this is a new update so just wait it out.

@AXEL_GAMING is right. In the last Update with the A359, at first it was unplayable , but about a couple weeks later, I was flying the 359 everywhere lag free. the only real lag I get is when I descend and I’m about under 5000ft. its probably because of the ground scenery. Just wait it out.

ha same, I waited 6 days after I updated just so I don’t have issues.

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That’s true, but it’s disappointing that they said they fixed the crash issue and I can barely fly using my IPhone 11

Last chance if anyone has any ideas? I’m probably just going to end the flight

A bunch of my friends are dealing with this problem as well. seems like its just starting to impact people. I hope the server fix can “fix” all of this.


Im in a flight right now, what help was power saving mode. because of that my game is running very smooth.


I’m pretty sure I have that enabled but I’ll check

Also a good battery percentage really helps your phone. I’m at 100% and running smooth, but before I was a 45%, and the game was unplayable.

I see Misha and Adam flying the 772, maybe they will see whats going on with the plane.

I’m at 80%, turned lower back on and it still freezes whenever I touch it, I’ll try some random things but I’ll probably just have to end the flight. 5 hours in with 2:45 left but if I can’t fly then that’s just what’s gonna happen :(

This is really confusing to me because. you are using a Iphone 11, one of the newest Iphones out there today.t doesn’t make sense why your device is acting worst than mine. interesting.

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Yeah I talked to Seb and he wasn’t sure either but it was probably something With the server, I’m gonna flag the post now, thanks for the help

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