Screen flickers

Hey IFC,
I have been facing a small issue with the game, my screen seems to flicker now and then for a few seconds, this problem existed before the update as well. It occurs only while I am flying.
Can’t really get a screenshot of it as it happens very quickly.It seems to happen even when my device is in low graphics. But the game doesn’t crash much…only once.

Device : MI10
Age of device : ~ 2 months

From my previous experiences with flickering (prior devices and apps), it’s most likely related to an issue with your device, rather than the app itself. Does this issue occur in any other apps?

No this only occurs with infinite flight
I play other heavy games but only face this with infinite flight

What is your device’s screen refresh rate? Is it set to a specific rate or have you set it to automatic?
Same question for your screen resolution! Is it set to FHD/QHD/etc or is it on automatic?

Screen refresh rate is 90hz

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Infinite flight is a resource intensive app. What graphics settings are you on?

Have you rebooted?
Does it happen on every flight?
Does it happen on every plane?
What camera do yo see it in?

The flickering happens regardless of the graphic settings (happens on low settings also)

I have tried rebooting.
It happens on most flights not all.It doesn’t seem to happen on any specific plane.I see it on all the camera views, sometimes just after takeoff and sometimes I see it while cruising.

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