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Infinite Flight is not fully shown on my Iphone 11 pro. I don’t know why but I have noticed it does not fit everything on screen. It’s not a huge issue but it kind of bothers me when I’m trying to read the atis information and some of the words are cut out.


Hello, yes this is a issue with phones with notches… Another great way to read the ATIS if it is to long you can click the atc menus bottom left and read it from there if it’s easier! Hope this helped!


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so IF on iphone 11 doesn’t adapt to the notch?

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I have the 11 too and the game just flows into the notch

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the notch does not get in the way to be honest because the phone is horizontal. But some words are cut out. They simply don’t fit on the screen I think.

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Take a look here just for a very quick reference.

New phones aren’t compatible. They will be soon 🙃

I did notice on phones with notches that the fixed cockpit view looks kinda zoomed out compared to other devices

the game is fine. You wouldn’t even notice an issue if you played it. But Atis does not fully fit on screen sometimes.

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