Screen cropped on iPhone Xs

I have recently bought the iPhone Xs only to find that infinite flight has been covered up by the notch and corners, will this be fixed in the next update?

Yea I have the Smasung S9 and it doesnt go all the way to the corners either so I have no idea


Could you please elaborate?
The notch is there whether we like it or not, but we did move some controls so the notch wouldn’t affect it.

Oh wait, you said XS. Missed that.
We haven’t been able to try Infinite Flight out properly on the new devices yet, but we will address these issues as soon as we’re able too.


That’s great news, I’ll hold off until it is sorted

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Are you able to grab a photo of how it looks on your XS? It will maybe help us speed up the process :)



This was an issue when the IPhone X came out. In the next update, there will be likely screen support for the Xs/Xr/Xs Max so the notch doesn’t hide settings!


We’ll add support, thanks for the report.

We’re working on a system to add support for those devices without requiring an update in the future.


Yay Laura!!! 👏👏👏 Good luck!

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Thank you so much, hope you get it sorted and shipped out soon

Buttons are also super small on the XS Max. Echoing sentiments above, and so appreciate the IF team working to make these fixes. Looking forward to flying my A320 on my larger screen!

Will the issue also be the the XR?

If they sort it before the release day of the Xr then no but if not then yes

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Got the same problem…

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You should all file a complaint with Apple and have them provide us with pre-release devices ;)
----> Solved


Well said Sebastian…well said!

Awww Seb. Getting recognition from a real world Airbus 319, 320 and 321 BA Pilot ❤️


I guess it’s hard to go through every developer and let them test it out but still I think infinite flight should be a top 25

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Get me one too. I’m totally unofficial staff that needs to beta test :)

I also agree. But we should also request test devices for all players… (just for testing)

or not