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good. Here I would like to complain about the layout of the controls. It became more difficult to approach in relation to “Speed, Altitude, Vertical Speed ​​and HDG”. From my point of view. I should have just added the new controls options and not changed the auto pilot options, they should leave as they already were. And I’m very sad about that. Because from my point of view it spoiled my simulation in IF. Maybe many think so.


Have you watched the tutorials for it yet? That will probably help you out quite a bit.

The controls will become easier to use the more you practice with them!

I must admit, they were a surprise but after using them for a while they make a lot of sense and are just as natural as before 🙂

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One reason for new button placement is the accessibility of crucial controls at critical phases of flight like short final and landing. The ability to stay on the rudder while being able to control the throttle, flaps, and other settings was important to us.

If you’re surprised by the change in the systems and AP setting, we have a blog article explaining this change.


I recognize that the developers’ work is very hard to leave the game as it is today. And congratulate you all for that. But that part of the controls was meant to be. Yes by adding the new controls, though they didn’t mess with what was already.

i dont understand what you mean by the controls were ‘meant to be’ ??

give it some time, when a lot of us testers got it we were very resistant to it because it is so different to what was before. but once we gave it some time and also helped the layout became alot easier to use and understand.

all crucial phases of flight will become easier as Jason as mentioned above and also the old way did not allow for efficient development in terms of adding more realism in terms of control of different controls and features. this new layout now allows for us to expand and develop for future features what ever they may be.


yea. I am not complaining about the new buttons or new options they have placed. only of the button options that already existed to be elsewhere. Which disturbs me. If only you had the option to be able to set the seats of each button would be much better and each would do their own thing, don’t you think?

While the new UI does take a little bit to get used to, it introduces the ability to expand on the number of systems in the future. There needed to be an update made to allow for more options.


It took a while to get used to the layout the last time they were changed. Now its second nature. I’m sure in a few days the new layout will be second nature and we would all of forgotten about how they used to be.

gives again the controls that were changed were not the main controls ie the auto pilot. The only thing that changed in the last update was system control, which made no difference to me.

Can we set the angle of the camera in cockpit view? because i think this angle shown in the picture helps me landing instead of the angle set in a320 a319 a318 and a 350. The new angle just made the hud towards the ground and not meaning anything. Perhaps there is a better angle both show the instument inside the plane and makes the hug towards the horizon of the ground.

do not. I’m not talking about the camera angle. but about the layout of the auto pilot controls that has been changed.

I agree with what you are saying, but the developers spend a lot of time working on this, so be grateful!

Also, another tip is to change the interface timeout. Go to Settings, and under General, click Interface Timeout. 2 seconds is my recommendation.

Although this doesn’t change the controls, it may make it look better.

Any other questions, please ask!

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