Screen Clicks Itself

During the flight, my screen will sometimes click itself. This happens most frequently with the system status check mark on the top right hand corner of the screen. This wasn’t a problem before but it has been happening almost every flight now.

The device I use is the 2018 iPad Pro.

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a way to stop it?


The controls are randomly getting pressed?

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The check mark will often update itself but is not clicking. Do you have a recording of it happening?

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Unfortunately I do not but I will screen record and pm to you

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Yes that’s right but not like the controls that would mess up my autopilot or anything. Just the check mark and sometimes waypoints on the map


(As you have stated) I would probably send a screen recording to a moderator/staff member.

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Maybe clean your screen. It happens to me too!


this happens to me and i ran out of fuel on a overnight flight because it clicked the gear down i have a screenprotecter and i think that is the the issue with me do you have a screen protector?

I use an iPad Pro 2018 as well and I don’t have this problem. I have a paperlike screen protector on and this has never occurred. Try cleaning your screen, or check if there are air bubbles in your screen protector.

No I don’t have a screen protector. Lemme clean the screen and see if that helps

Maybe your screen has a small hairline crack that could damage the screen. Since the iPad Pro is very thin, it’s highly likely.

Nope, no crack

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